11th Pangborn Sensory Science Syposium, 23-27 August 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden

Future Events

Future Events

The Executive Committee of the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposia is soliciting proposals for the 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium that will take place in 2019.
Proposals from all geographical regions will be considered. The Executive Committee will also accept proposals from a committee of individuals located in different geographical regions. They may propose to host the conference in any location of their choosing.

It is the aspiration of the Executive Committee that the Pangborn Symposium maintain its status as the leading global conference in sensory and consumer science. The conference should be widely regarded as scientifically excellent, it should attract the best researchers to present their work and draw attendance from all major groups of participants (academia, research institutes, industry, research providers). For the Executive Committee a key criterion in deciding who will be the hosts of the 2019 conference will be demonstrated experience, vision and passion to fulfill this aspiration.

Proposals will be due June 30, 2015 and should be submitted in electronic format by e-mail to Sara Jaeger, Chair of the Executive Committee, sara.jaeger@plantandfood.co.nz.
All proposals will be considered by the Executive Committee during the July 1-31 2015 timeframe. All will be informed of the Executive Committee decision as to those short-listed for further consideration by August 1st, 2015.

Those in consideration (on the short-list) will be asked to send a representative to an Executive Committee meeting to be held during the 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, 23-27 August 2015, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Representatives for each proposal must be available for questions during this meeting. However, they will not present or otherwise promote the proposal at that meeting. Specific details about the time, location and telephone connections at that meeting will be available closer to that time.
The Executive Committee strongly encourage those who submit proposals to work up-front ( prior to submitting in the above time frames) with Elsevier regarding their proposed venue to make sure it is in-spec for the conference requirements.

Information that must be included in the full proposal:

1. Proposed main organizers (Symposium Chairs) and the organizing committee of the 2019
Pangborn Symposium:

  1. Background information about the Symposium chair(s) including relevant scientific credentials, experience/track record
  2. Background experience about other members of the organizing committee

2. Proposed conference themes and topics

  1. The programme framework of the 2019 conference will likely be similar to recent past editions of the Pangborn symposium in terms of keynotes, plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, posters, etc. Proposals should include details of proposed conference themes/topics and any suggested major changes or innovations

3. Location (city/country)

  1. A detailed statement explaining why the 2019 Pangborn Symposium should be held at this location
  2. Details about sensory/consumer communities in the area that can provide support to the organizing committee during symposium planning
  3. Details about size of the sensory/consumer community and previous sensory/consumer science meetings held in the area/region (of particular importance if the proposal is for a conference is to take place in a region outside North America and Western Europe)
  4. Facts about the city/country/region incl. closest international airport, travel logistics to/from airport and city venue, special visa requirements (if any), safety/security issues, political and economic situation

4. Meeting venue and accommodation

  1. Potential venue(s) large enough to accommodate the symposium (as a minimum three conference rooms large enough to seat 1100, 350 and 350 in a theatre-style configuration, and 30,000 square feet of exhibition space).
  2. Preliminary information about technological capabilities and catering services of the proposed venue. Information about possible venues for the gala dinner with indication of the distances and/or time (by foot, public transport) between the conference venue and these venues may be included
  3. Availability of affordable transport to the city and within the city
  4. Availability of reasonably priced and convenient accommodation with indication of the distances and/or time (by foot and public transport) between these accommodations and the conference venue. Provisions for lower cost student accommodations must be specified.

5. Cultural and entertainment options

  1. Conference city. Information about convenient dinner options for smaller and larger groups in a range of price classes should be included
  2. Surrounding areas

6. Letters of support (Organizational, financial, in-kind)

The Executive Committee has a contractual agreement with Elsevier for the administration of the 2019 Pangborn Symposium. On behalf of the Executive committee, Elsevier is responsible for all administrative, logistical and organizational elements of the Pangborn Symposium. Further details on Elsevier’s role, relative to the Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee are available on request from Sara Jaeger.

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